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Why I Love Show People Around #011 – Look at this View

I haven’t felt this inspired since my last trip (or last tour). Being ordinary can be pretty daunting to me, but I think I’m managing it ok. This is the first time I got to show someone around since Dec 31, 2019. I spent the majority of my 20s trying to show people around, but now I’m trying to focus on doing photography the best I can in the next decade.

The puzzle of how to shoot candidly and spontaneously when you are on your 15,000 steps of the day in a trail, that has no trail, was a tough one to solve. If candid photography in the public realm is what we mean by street photography, then why be restricted to the world of asphalt and concrete? So we got 2 DSLR’s, 2 action cameras, and 1 drone, headed into the woods for 11km, to take as many worthy content as possible. I gotta say though, trying to create shots in the nature like this felt like déjà vu. A good kind of déjà vu.

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