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A Collaboration

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for your interest in this collaboration.

I’d like to take the extra time from this pandemic to work with local businesses and create content for them. I’m looking into getting a couple of small-medium local fashion brands, freelance make-up/hair artist(s), a videographer, and models together for a fashion portrait shoot. The shoot will be focusing and showcasing every brands and artists’ work/services/products.

I will be responsible to do the photoshoot, getting the models/artists/fashion brands together, as well as booking studio time. For models and artists, you will be providing your time in this collaboraton. For fashion brands, you will be providing the brands’ clothings only for the duration of the shoot. There will be a small location cost splitting among the fashion brands, depending on the size of the final production. I’m hoping to get 3 local brands together for this. If we have more, we might need to rent more studio time and/or lighting equipment, and etc.. 

I know that a lot of us are suffering financially during this difficult time, so I think this is a smart investment for us (small to medium size brands and freelancers), whether be investing with your time and/or money, because we will be able to create worthy social media contents, band our names with other local artists, and build a more robust portfolio of bigger breath of work for when things do finally start to go back to normal.

If this is something your business is interested, please let me know. We will start to set up a date and time, and discuss the artistic direction as well.

Why Collab?

You’ll be able to band your name with other local artists and brands.

Why studio shoot?

Studio shoot will make your product/service much more expensive. In addition, you’d spend the exact same amount of time as you would on a small scale. 

Shoot duration & turn-around time?

The expected shoot duration should take between 2-4 hours, and the expected turn-around time is around 2 weeks. 

Location fee?

Location fee is only shared among fashion brands, as all the artists will be contributing with their time. It’s a small fee, splitting between $300-600. We are not hiring a crew for this shoot, and we are all chipping in with our time. It’s a smart and economical investment and opportunity for us all.

E.g. If we have 3 brands, and the total studio rental cost is $300, each brand will be paying $100 for this collaboration (studio cost / # of brands)


We will do this legally, and according to the new health code of covid-19. We will keep the group less than 6 people working on the set at any given time. Masks and gloves will be used.